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Healthcare & Business Consultancy

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Change is on the horizon, and everyone needs to adapt to this fast-paced world. With over 16 years in consultancy, I have helped major fortune healthcare companies achieve quality, equity and save cost. Through strategic innovation and bold vision. Work with me and get future-ready!

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Services Offered


Looking ahead and using

the power of quality for future-readiness

Strategic Insight and Innovation

Analyzing gaps, data and business processes to create a sustainable way forward



Collaborating with stakeholders for

better impact

Multipointed Star

What Clients Say

CryaCom Language Solutions

Latoya, like many others, approaches every day with a vision for real, achievable progression. What makes her special, though, is her respectful resolve within large groups --- she has the extremely rare combination of courage and experience that are both necessary to take common ideas to the next level, past where authority can commonly be questioned by colleagues or clients, and achieve the goal.


I had the pleasure of working with Latoya over the past year. Latoya has great expertise and is very knowledgeable in her role. As a result, she naturally becomes the point person for various strategic initiatives. It is clear that Latoya’s qualities bring great value to her internal and external constituents.

Kaiser Permanente

Is a motivated professional who is very innovative and provides quality service to her clients. She received 2009 Award of Achievement

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1450 W. Guadalupe rd ste 117 Gilbert, AZ 85233

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